NetFree Unblocked Internet Egress ISP Service

NetFree™ Overview

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NetFree™ Unblock ISP Services enables Internet connectivity from a remote location outside of your current location.  Many users choose this service to gain access to “western” Internet services from locations where VoIP and Video applications such as Skype or What’s App are blocked.

Our service gives you multiple redundant servers on different continents with automatic failover switching.  Additionally, the service can be set up with a primary country Egress, like the USA or Switzerland, for example, with automatic failover to other locations.   The nature of our system is to ensure secure and transparent communications without leaking out DNS or other tell-tale communications locally.

Here is the REAL point…our tunnel will get through filtering and blockages.   These “apparent competitive alternatives” all use IPsec or PPTP or some other outdated VPN for the tunnel.  Those are easily blocked or intercepted.  I know from 1st hand experience that some of the countries you’ll want these to go into those other solutions will simply not work at all.

NetFree™ Services can be tailored to your requirements including shared-NAT IP, Static IP, and private VPS egress services.


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