Initial Access & Restoring Factory Defaults

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The default networking settings for an IpTL appliance are:

  • The Uplink Port (typically a blue Ethernet jack)
    • Detached from the system bridge
    • DHCP Client
  • The Local Port (typically a yellow Ethernet jack)
    • All ports attached to the system bridge
    • DHCP Client
    • Static secondary IP of

A convenient way to access an appliance is through the secondary IP address. This IP address is available even if the appliance obtains a DHCP address.

  • The factory set secondary interface IP Address is (mask=
  • This address is attached to the system bridge group.
  • Access the appliance locally by connecting to one of the yellow Ethernet jacks. Note: The secondary default IP is available only on the LOCAL ports; typically a yellow Ethernet jack on the appliance, or via a bridged tunnel.
  • Ensure your PC’s Ethernet network is configured with an address on the 192.168.100.x/24 network. We recommend setting your PC to

The factory default superuser admin credentials are:

  • Default username is: admin
  • Default password is: admin

You may add additional secondary IP addresses, as well as VLANs, or remove the secondary interface by navigating on the web interface to Networking->System and configuring the appropriate sections.

Restore Factory Defaults

Important: Reset Factory will cause immediate erasure of all configuration settings and reboot into the factory shipping configuration.

Using the hardware button on the appliance

Locate the reset button on your appliance.

While the appliance is powered on, gently depress for 5 seconds and release.  The appliance will then reboot with the factory defaults.

Using the Web interface

Navigate the web interface by selecting Home->ImageMgmt and scroll to the Reset to Factory Default section.

When selecting the Factory Reset button, a dialog box will appear to confirm your selection.

If you do not wish to proceed, click the in the upper-right corner of the box.

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